One of the most recognized labels in our portfolio, Trillium is a heavily awarded wine. Produced for the first time in 1985, it continues to be very popular. This wine has the perfect semi-dry finish with bright flavors of peaches and apricots produced by the dominate presence of Riesling in the blend. Trillium is a versatile wine, which makes it perfect to pair with a large variety of cuisine but also pleasant enough to enjoy without the need for food.

NOSE: Peaches, apricots, and a light scent of orange rind.

PALATE: Bright nectarines and tangerine tantalize your taste buds. A semi-dry Riesling based blend, Trillium has the perfect level of sweetness to allow two people with opposing preferences to compromise on this wine. A nice full mid-palate is complimented by great acidity on the finish making this wine ideal to pair with a variety of cuisine. Slightly spicy Asian cuisine, a number seafood dishes, or a simple picnic of cheese and bread will only be enhanced by adding a chilled glass of Trillium.


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Bottles / Cases


Product Weight: 4Lbs.

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We are able to ship the following states, MI, IL, OH, TX, FL, IA, NM, MN, MD, WI, and CA.
BLEND: Riesling, Vidal, Vignoles, Seyval
AGED: 100% Stainless Steel
BOTTLING: 3150 Cases / Alcohol: 12%

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