Reward Points FAQs


What is Good Harbor’s Loyalty Program?

Good Harbor Vineyards Loyalty Point Program is a premier winery loyalty program created to give you more. For every dollar you spend at Good Harbor Vineyards, you’ll earn reward points to redeem for exclusive food and wine experiences at Good Harbor Vineyards.  Club Membership gives our most loyal members access to different types of private catered experiences. Unlike a wine club, there are no required shipments to remain an active member. Membership is complimentary.

What are the benefits of joining?

In addition to receiving exclusive access and preferred pricing for Good Harbor Vineyards Loyalty Program experiences, members enjoy several benefits, including:

  • No annual membership fees
  • No required shipments
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • E-newsletter with exclusive announcements and offers
  • Bonus point offers on orders and purchases made online and in the tasting room
  • Bonus points for attending select events
How do Good Harbor Loyalty Points work?

When you enter your email and contact information before or after you make a purchase, you are automatically enrolled in the Good Harbor Loyalty Program and begin accumulating your points. Unlike a wine club, there are no annual membership fees or required shipments. For every dollar you spend, you’ll earn reward points per dollar for all purchases made—either in person at the winery, by phone or online. You can also receive reward points for attending select events at the winery. Membership begins when you sign up regardless of the amount you spend.  Enthusiast Loyalty members earn 1 reward point per dollar spent on purchases.  Connoisseur wine club members earn 2 reward points per dollar spent. 

Is there a membership fee?

No. The Good Harbor Loyalty Program does not have an annual membership fee. Members only pay a redemption fee along with points when booking exclusive experiences.

How are member levels determined?

Loyalty Program membership levels are determined by club membership participation.

What are examples of Loyalty Program experiences?

The Good Harbor Loyalty Program experiences showcase Good Harbor Vineyard’s gracious hospitality and our welcoming tasting room and farm. From private winemaker cellar tastings to catered culinary events,  there is something for everyone to enjoy. Rewards are divided into categories:

How do I enroll?

Simply enter your information when making a purchase and you begin earning reward points. If you wish to create an online account, you may do so as well, however, your reward points will begin to collect when you make a purchase.

Is Good Harbor’s Loyalty Program a wine club?

No. Good Harbor’s Loyalty Program is not a wine club; it’s a family of friends who share our love for food, wine, and gracious hospitality. There are no annual membership fees or required shipments. You can purchase flights, a selection of artisanal food offerings,  and other non-wine merchandise whenever you wish, and earn reward points based on your purchases.  Connoisseur club members may use their points toward exclusive Loyalty Program experiences.


What is the Enthusiast Loyalty Member status?

Enthusiast Loyalty members earn reward points on all purchases made both in the tasting room and online.   Enthusiast Loyalty members may apply these reward points toward the purchase of wine flights, food selections, apparel, and merchandise while visiting the Good Harbor tasting room. 

What is Connoisseur Member status? 

Connoisseur members are current and active wine club members that are enrolled in the Good Harbor Connoisseur Wine Club. In addition to applying reward points toward the purchase of wine flights, food selections, apparel, and merchandise,  Connoisseur members gain access to different experiences not available to Enthusiast Loyalty Members, such as private winemaker cellar tastings and access to club exclusive culinary events.

How can I see all the experiences available?

You can explore all loyalty experiences, including reward point and redemption fees required, from our Loyalty Program Overview page.

How do I know which experiences are available to me?

Experience Eligibility is based on membership status.   You can access your member login from the upper-right corner of any page. 

How can I redeem my Loyalty Points?

Enthusiast and Connoisseur Members can redeem their Loyalty Points in-person and online. In-person purchases include merchandise & apparel, flight trios, and on-site food. Online purchases include merchandise & apparel. Points cannot be used to purchase bottles of wine online or in-store. Loyalty Points do not apply to sales tax on merchandise or apparel items and must be paid for separately.


What are redemption fees?

A redemption fee is the cost for a loyalty program experience. These fees are different for each membership level, and membership levels are based on club membership status with Good Harbor—purchases made either in person at the winery, by phone or online. The club membership level opens opportunities to book private experiences. All reward redemption fees and reward points are priced per person.

How are points calculated?

Loyalty members earn different quantities of reward points based on their club status.  Enthusiast members earn 1 point per dollar sprent for all purchases.  Connoisseur club members earn 2 points per dollar for all purchases made—either in person at the winery, by phone or online. Purchases include event tickets, flights, tastings, food, as well as wine, and other non-wine merchandise. Bonus reward point offers are announced in our e-newsletter.

How do I earn points?

Loyalty members can earn reward points in a variety of ways, some of which include purchases made on wine and non-wine items while visiting the winery as well as purchases made over the phone and online.  Members may also receive bonus reward points for attending select events hosted at Good Harbor.   These bonus reward point events will be announced to members via email invites and in our e-newsletters.

How do I redeem points for rewards?

Connoisseur club members may request experience rewards via email. You may also call us at (231) 256-7165 ext 2 or email us to request your visit. Winemaker cellar tastings experiences will be scheduled based on availability. 

How do I pay for my experiences?

Once you’ve submitted your request for a private experience, you will be contacted to confirm availability. After your reward is confirmed, you will be emailed a link to our website store to pay your redemption fee. All reservations are confirmed only after your fees have been paid and points redeemed.

Can I purchase bottles of wine with my points?

No. Your points are intended to provide you with experiences on the Good Harbor property, many of which may only be attained through our loyalty program.

Do my points cover state sales tax on merchandise & apparel purchases?

No. Loyalty Points do not cover the state sales tax on any merchandise and/or apparel purchases. The state sales tax must be paid for separately.

How far in advance do I need to plan to redeem a reward?

Loyalty Experiences are based on availability, so it is recommended that you request  your experience as far in advance as possible. Loyalty events with set dates, such as dinner parties, typically sell out, but cancellations may occur.

Are there blackout dates for reward redemptions?

Yes.  All private experiences, such as winemaker cellar tastings will be scheduled based on availability. Special culinary events, such as dinner parties and brunches, are offered on specific dates.

What is the cancellation policy for loyalty experiences?

Private loyalty point experiences must be canceled within 72 hours before the event to receive a full refund of reward points and redemption fee. Culinary event experiences require cancellation (7) seven days in advance for refunds.

Can I give a loyalty experience as a gift?

Yes, you are allowed to gift a private loyalty experience, such as a Winemaker’s Cellar Tasting. Unfortunately, loyalty points are not transferable.

Can I redeem two experiences for the same date?

Yes, though you will need to make two separate loyalty point redemption requests. You can also simply email us with the details.

Can I simply pay for a reward I am interested in?

Good Harbor Connoisseur members can purchase club member event tickets at full price. All winemaker cellar tastings are only available to redeem by those who qualify based on active and current club membership and have accumulated the required number of reward points.  The private experiences are not available to redeem without points.

Can I bring my pets?

We regret that we are unable to accommodate pets at the winery.



How do I know what my login is?

Your member login is always your username/primary email. In order to login and see your loyalty point balance, you must sign in using the primary email address/username and password. If you have forgotten your password, click here to reset your password. If you are unsure which email address is the primary associated with your account, please email us.

How can I access my account?

Members can view account information anytime from our member login, located in the upper-right corner of any page. You will be redirected to your account, where you can view your member profile, including current membership level, reward point balance, shipping address and payment methods.

How can I make changes to my account?

For billing or shipping information updates, please login to your account, where you may then make any desired updates. To make any account holder changes, please contact us at or (231) 256-7165 ext 2.

How do I change my login credentials?

If you wish to change your primary email address on file, please email us to ensure you don’t lose your member level status or existing points. If you are not the primary account holder, for security reasons, we must email all parties on the account prior to making any changes.

Do my points ever expire?

As long as your account is active, your points never expire. If you do not engage with us or make a purchase for three years, your account becomes inactive, and you forfeit your reward points. To learn about non-active accounts, please visit “Will my member status ever change?”

Will my member status ever change?

Membership levels are based on club status at Good Harbor. 

If your account is inactive for three years, your reward points and membership level will expire, and you will need to rejoin the Good Harbor Loyalty Program. Inactive accounts meet one of two criteria:

  • You have an invalid email with us and haven’t made a purchase for three years.
  • Your account is valid, but you have not opened one of our emails or made a purchase in three years.
Will I lose access to certain Good Harbor Loyalty Program experiences if I change or cancel my club membership?

Yes.  Good Harbor Loyalty Program experiences are based on club membership status.  If you cancel your membership, you will lose access to all or certain experiences.  However, you will not lose your reward point accumulation.

Do members receive an account summary?

No. You can view your account status and spending history anytime under the member login section of our website. Your reward points balance is updated immediately after every online or in-person tasting room purchase or redemption.  Bonus reward point events and sales will be added within 48 hours of your purchase whether made online or in the tasting room.

How do I keep track of my loyalty points?

You can view your Good Harbor Loyalty Program reward points balance anytime by visiting the member login on our website, which is located in the upper-right corner of every page.

When will my points display in my account?

Reward points are automatically added or deducted from your account, depending on your activity. If you are trying to request an experience and your most recent reward points are not yet showing in your account, please mention this in an email sent to

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account with the Good Harbor Loyalty Points program, please email You will be asked to verify your identity sent in an email to the address used to submit the request.

Will the program change?

Good Harbor’s Loyalty Program is subject to change without notice.








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