NEWS: Good Harbor Launches Locally Inspired Box of GOODness

Taylor Simpson
March 31, 2021 | Local News, Product Updates | Taylor Simpson

NEWS: Good Harbor Launches Locally Inspired Box of GOODness

By MYNORTH NEWS SERVICE on March 30, 2021

Box of Goodness

Good Harbor Vineyards has teamed up with local 9 Bean Rows Bakery and Fustini’s Olive Oil and Vinegar to create a one-of-a-kind offering. Referred to as the Box of GOODness, Good Harbor wanted to give customers a convenient way to enjoy the local goods of the area with unique pairings to excite their palates. Over the course of the winter, the three local businesses worked together to create pairings that complement one another and offer the consumer a variety of ways in which to enjoy the pairings.

As a result of the pandemic, many people have been forced to cook more and have taken a greater interest in food and wine pairings. “We wanted to highlight different local wine and food pairings that are healthy, wholesome, and make it convenient for people to pick up or have shipped directly to their door,” says Taylor Simpson, co-owner of Good Harbor Vineyards.

“Wine, bread, olive oil and vinegar are staples in most households, but enjoying the custom curations offered in the Box of GOODness helps keep your palate engaged and excited.”

The Good Harbor Box of GOODness will be available for pick up or to ship two times per month May through August and will include the following: 2 (750ml) bottles of Good Harbor wine, 1 fresh custom loaf of 9 Bean Rows artisanal bread, 1 (200ml) bottle of Fustini’s olive oil, 1 (200ml) bottle of Fustini’s Vinegar, 1 custom recipe card complements of Fustini’s. The recipe has been meticulously selected to pair with wine included in the shipment. Customers can enjoy the olive oil and vinegar combination for dipping with the bread and then can use the remaining amount to make a meal and enjoy at their convenience.

For further details about the Good Harbor Box of GOODness, customers can visit the Good Harbor website. “We hope people will enjoy the collaboration between these local businesses and share the pairings with their friends and families throughout the summer,” Simpson says.


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