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Devon Kessler
January 26, 2023 | Devon Kessler

Good Harbor’s 2021 Pinot Grigio Continues to Gain Recognition

Good Harbor Vineyards' 2021 Pinot Grigio was recognized as one of "The 30 Best White Wines for 2023" by VinePair.  Continue »

Devon Kessler
January 6, 2023 | Devon Kessler

The Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

To start the new year on a healthy front, people take part in what is called 'Dry January' but does drinking a glass of wine per day have health benefits? We take a look at some studies to help us find the answer.  Continue »

Devon Kessler
December 16, 2022 | Devon Kessler

Holiday Cocktail: Harbor Red Christmas Sangria

This Christmas Sangria made with one of our staples - Harbor Red - will be the perfect addition to your holiday celebrations.  Continue »

Devon Kessler
December 16, 2022 | Devon Kessler

Holiday Appetizer: Cranberry Brie Bites Paired with 2020 Pinot Noir Zweigelt

These Cranberry Brie Bites from The Pioneer Woman paired with our 2020 Pinot Noir Zweigelt make the perfect party appetizer to satisfy your guests this holiday season.  Continue »

Devon Kessler
December 8, 2022 | Devon Kessler

Good Harbor Vineyards Earns Top Honors For The Blanc de Noirs and 2021 Pinot Noir Rosé

The Blanc de Noirs "Benjamin's Vineyard" and 2021 Pinot Noir Rosé recently won the Jefferson Cup Award during the 2022 Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition.  Continue »

Devon Kessler
December 2, 2022 | Devon Kessler

Holiday Sparkling Wine Cocktail: Partridge in a Pear Tree

Looking for an easy and festive cocktail to make for your next holiday gathering? Try this Partridge in a Pear Tree Sparkling Cocktail.  Continue »

Devon Kessler
November 18, 2022 | Devon Kessler

Good Harbor’s Pinot Grigio Recognized As One of the Best Wines of 2022 By VinePair

Good Harbor's 2021 Pinot Grigio was recently recognized as one of the "50 Best Wines of 2022" by VinePair.  Continue »

Devon Kessler
November 10, 2022 | Devon Kessler

The Art Behind Barrels in Winemaking

Wine barrels have been a staple in the winemaking process since the beginning of the time. Throughout time, they have gone from being a vessel to store wine in to a vessel in which it ferments in.  Continue »

Devon Kessler
October 26, 2022 | Devon Kessler

Creamy Kale and Gnocchi Bake Paired with Tribute Chardonnay

Fall is the best time to turn on your oven and make a pasta bake! We paired Delish's Creamy Kale & Gnocchi Bake with our Tribute Chardonnay for the perfect fall dinner.  Continue »

Taylor Simpson
September 29, 2022 | Taylor Simpson

Behind The Vines: The Workers of Harbor Hill Fruit Farms

To recognize the hard work and sacrifice the farm workers of Harbor Hill Fruit Farms, the custom services operation under Simpson Family Estates, we took some time to sit down with a few of the farm workers to put a spotlight on their lives.  Continue »

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