Winter Update on the Vineyards of Good Harbor Vineyards

Devon Kessler
March 15, 2023 | Vine News | Devon Kessler

Winter Update on the Vineyards of Good Harbor Vineyards

Good Harbor Vineyards in winter snow

Come winter or spring, it is time for our vines to be pruned and ready for what we hope is another phenomenal growing season. It is rare for Lake Michigan to entirely freeze in the cold months. The exposed lake helps moderate temperatures and creates an ideal macro-climate for our grape growing region. The snow cover provides a protective insulating cover for the vines through the winter and into early spring.

Spring is rapidly approaching and our amazing vineyard crew is back and ready for action! Vineyard Manager, Nick Florip, joins us in Norah’s Vineyard to explain what the crew will be doing to get the vines ready for the upcoming growing season.


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